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Intimate gel with colloidal silver. The gel is recommended for daily use. Colloidal silver has strong antibacterial and antiseptic effects. If you suffer from vaginal problems, acne or frequent colds and flus, give colloidal silver a chance. The active ingredients of the gel effectively soften and hydrate the skin and neutralize unpleasant odors.

The daily cleanliness of the intimate parts is taken care of by extracts from aloe vera, medicinal sage, tea tree oil and antibacterial colloidal silver. The different pH of the skin is balanced by lactic acid, which also has moisturizing effects. The gel smells beautiful, lathers richly and is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can also be used by pregnant or lactating women without fear.

Gentle cleansing gel does not contain soap - it is suitable for intimate hygiene because it gently cleanses, neutralizes unpleasant odors and hydrates the skin Contains anti-inflammatory and soothing natural herbal extracts - aloe, sage, ginseng, chamomile, lemon balm and also contains pantogematoen and lactic acid, which protects natural microflora and restores the pH of intimate zones.

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We ship orders within 2 hours from our headquarters in Prague 1.
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To find out which Bodylok styles would suit you best, consider how light / medium / strong your cycle is throughout the week of your period. You can find more here

As Bodylok panties have a special Nanolok absorption membrane, it is very important to know how the panties are washed so that they last as long as possible and the membrane fulfills its 100% functionality. Do not forget to wash the panties first, this activates the absorbent membrane. Read carefully how to wash underwear.
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Transport is provided by the PPL service or Zásilkovna (you choose the delivery point only after completing the order). We only deliver to the Czech Republic so far.

Bodylok panties care

Highly absorbent membrane


The care of the panties is very simple, so you can use them again and again - simply treat your panties like any other underwear (regular underwear or bras).

Do not forget to wash the panties before the first use!

1. Step - hand wash

First, wash the panties by hand with soapy water. TIP: You can soak the panties in the sink in lukewarm water with one cup of white vinegar. Soak for about 15 to 30 minutes.

2. Step - washing machine

Wash the panties with the rest of the laundry at max. 40 degrees. You can use a laundry bag to extend the life of the panties. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not put panties in the dryer!

3. Step – drying

Leave the panties to dry until completely dry. We do not recommend putting the panties on a very hot heater. They must not be dried in the dryer or in direct sunlight. The panties must not be ironed.

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Bodylok behaves ecologically

We are a company that is not indifferent to the ecological footprint we leave behind. In all our activities, we promote the use of only ecological materials and emphasize the elimination of waste.

That's why we send our packages in recyclable paper. We pack underwear in paper packaging, also made from recyclable material. We do not use plastic or plastic fillings.

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