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Is Your Period Organic? :-)

Did you know that your period can be ecological? Yes, it's a little weird to think about organic menstruation! But why do we actually deal with the ecology associated with menstruation?

Our eco range is made from luxuriously soft moisture wicking bamboo. It is a version of our modification technology that excludes the use of artificial fibers. This technology has been extensively tested for menstrual wear and we are very excited to say that it is just as effective as our existing technology!
Your period is actually ecological because you are not using artificial pads and tampons that have been lying in landfills for decades. You also wear clothes that have a very low content of artificially treated fibers.

If you have allergies or are sensitive to skin irritation, the bamboo range is for you!

"I first decided to try Bodylok after getting irritated by sanitary napkins every month and not liking the idea of ​​tampons. Every time I got my period it hurt and itched. Since using Bodylok bamboo underwear this problem has gone away! It's literally amazing the feeling of wearing everyday pants - I love them!!! - Hanka

We have added several styles this year and will continue to do so.

We are still very happy to welcome new testers and ambassadors. Write to us at

Women's opinions?

"I'm not going to lie that I was skeptical at first when I used these menstrual pads. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted by the thought of underwear. It's been years since I've been able to tolerate pads. But on the other hand, the a big diaper full of blood that goes right into the bin….ugh.

Then came the menstrual underwear and I still couldn't talk myself out of it. I was shocked to see that they looked like normal black underwear and were even comfortable. These panties keep everything inside. WONDERFUL –

What the heck is going on, I'm looking forward to my period for the first time. Aren't I weird? And lo and behold, no leaks, no extra bulkiness and it leaves you feeling completely dry.

The thing that was a big draw for me about BODYLOK was the sustainable aspect. The average woman uses an estimated 11,000 disposable sanitary products. Fortunately, this is an easy place to reduce our impact - using period underwear will save you a lot of money and drastically reduce your footprint on our planet."

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