Vyhrajte Venušiny kuličky na cvičení + 2 ks menstruačních kalhotek - Bodylok

Win Venus Exercise Balls + 2 Menstrual Panties

Preventing incontinence, strengthening the pelvic floor and still enjoying yourself?
Have you considered adding "VENUS BALLS" to your daily exercise 🔴🔴 No, it's not fun and it really works.
Venus balls Intimfitness
✅ There are several interesting exercises that you can add to your program, you will do something for yourself and the ladies - it's really great fun. You can find more exercises here


Some types of incontinence can be relatively successfully prevented, especially with suitable ones exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor . There are many exercises that will help you strengthen your pelvic floor, and the great news is that you can fit most of them into your daily routine without disrupting it. The exercise takes a few minutes, no special clothes are required, and you won't even sweat. You can find more information here

Bodylok competition
If you want to try the Venus balls from www.I ntimfitness.cz , we have a competition for you for 2 packages + menstrual panties for FREE.
Win 2 pieces of Bodylok panties and Venus balls 2 in 1 FREE!!!
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✅ we will choose the winner on Thursday 13 April 2022
  • On 13/04/2022, 2 winners will be chosen who will win:
  • 1 x Intimfitness Venus balls.
  • Winners will be announced on Bodylok's IG profile
  • 2 x Bodylok panties in the price up to CZK 1000 incl. postage
  • If the winner chooses additional goods beyond the price, they must pay the difference.
  • The winner will receive a code based on which they will choose 2 pieces of panties + receive Intimfitness Venus balls.
  • The organizer of the competition is Bodylok. We reserve all rights to modify or change the terms and conditions.
  • Prizes are not legally enforceable

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