Věděli jste, že kalhotky Bodylok balíme do papírového obalu? - Bodylok

Did you know that we pack Bodylok panties in paper packaging?

What does it mean to pack ecologically ?

Paper was, is and will continue to be preferred over plastic. Most e-shops make their work, time and, most importantly, their wallet easier.
Here, our strategy is clear. We will always pack Bodylok products in a paper box or paper envelope. The panty packaging is also made of paper.

Bodylok and ecological packaging of menstrual underwear

"To make the most of what we have available and not to buy new ones unnecessarily - we try to use all the paper we have and send it further into the world.

We are a company that is not indifferent to the ecological footprint we leave behind. In all our activities, we promote the use of ecological materials in particular, but we also place great emphasis on the elimination of waste generated during the operation of e-shops, thereby helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

Still, packages can be pretty and fragrant

We use shredded paper as filling and wrap the entire order in recycled green ink paper. And when you open the paper box? Well, try it and see :-)

Bodylok uses shredded and shredded paper as fillers

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