It is a pleasant material, so the underwear is comfortable, flexible, ecological and breathable. Many people consider bamboo to be a better option than cotton, you have to try and possibly compare for yourself.

      Among the clear advantages of bamboo is the fact that, like organic cotton, it is a purely natural fiber. It was especially popular with allergy sufferers.

      It has an excellent ability to wick away sweat, as the clothes made of it are highly thermoregulating and absorbent, and it also has another excellent feature - breathability. Furthermore, we must definitely mention the antibacterial and antistatic properties. In addition, it cools pleasantly on warm days.

      Bamboo linen is very well maintained, you can wash it in the washing machine, it does not become soft, it does not become hairy and it is quite difficult to damage it. We recommend washing it at 30 °C. We do not recommend the process of ironing, bleaching, dry cleaning and definitely not drying in the dryer.

      14 products

      14 products