How to choose the right model of panties?

It is really easy. Each Bodylok panty has different absorption types and uses. Read below for some recommendations.

How heavy is my period?

To find out which Bodylok styles would suit you best, consider how
weak / medium / strong
is your cycle for the entire week of your menstrual period.

The right type of panties

Choose the right type of panties according to your period. You need to think about how strong your cycle is.

If you have a very heavy period, you need to test the panties first. It is possible that the panties will not suit you. Try the panties on at home first and then you can decide if they are right for you

how often to change panties

Every woman should test the panties first. Below are a few examples from our own experience:

Harder days

Women with heavier menstruation alternate 2-3 types of panties a day
and heavy period panties at night

Heavy menstruation

Standard course

Women with standard menstruation alternate 2 types of panties a day
and heavy period panties at night

Middle menstruation

Transport packaging

We recommend trying the transport waterproof
packaging for used panties

Transport packaging

how much liquid can the panties hold?

*the values ​​we give are based on our experience or the experience of our customers during testing.

Bodylok heavy menstruation

Absorption capacity of up to 4 tampons.
33-36 ml

Bodylok middle menstruation

Absorbency of up to 2-3 tampons.
16-18 ml

Bodylok weak menstruation

Absorbency of 2 tampons.
10-14 ml



They will look


Soft, breathable panties with lace.